Sarah Drefenstedt

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Sarah Drefenstedt
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Hi Sarah

1. Where are you from? Where are you currently living?

2. What is your professional background?
It & Computer Science, Product, Science

3. What are you most passionate about and why?
I am passionate about changing the way people think about sustainability. Making people understand that we have to integrate sustainability in all parts of our life. It's not a pain to handle sustainability. Sustainable acting is giving us multiple benefits today and in the future.

4. Do you have any projects/company/startup that you want to share with us?
plilend- crowdlending for sustainable investments:

5. Why did you decide to start Plilend?
I wanted to arrange a project with high social value.

6. Please tell us more about Plilend
plilend connects sustainable companies with sustainable investors. Sustainable companies benefit from better interest rates and a better customer loyalty. Sustainable investors know more about the investment and can avoid financial losses. Our demo is online. We are ready for the market in January.

7. What was the most difficult or challenging thing to start with?
It's difficult to convince the first customers and partners.

8. Where do you currently need support in the project?
We need people for testing our demo.
Just register, start with playing around and give us feedback.
Furthermore, we need contacts to potential investors.

9.Do you have a advise for other women?
Focus on your strengths and just do it!

10. What would you tell your younger self?
Don't have so many doubts!

How to get in contact
Sarah Drefenstedt | Co-founder Plilend
Twitter: @plilend

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