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Miriam Baumann
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Finance / Banking / Accountancy

I love to see positive results after helping people in financial issues. The gratitude my customers show me after I've helped them to achieve their goals, improve their financial situation or simply save money.

My project is to build a team with people having different mother tongues to consult people in Berlin individually in their native language.

I decided to start this project because I hate how much people exploit, that so much entrepreneurs/ people don't speak perfect German. So they simply offer them state kind products instead of an individual tailor-made draught that perfectly is tuned to their situation.

One part is the consulting of businesses in the topics liquidity, risk management, employee loyalty and invoice management. The other part is to help private persons to get tax refund, a good pension, residential property, asset generation and a good protection in all topics of life.

First it was difficult to find someone who wants to share my vision, now I meet more and more who want to be part of it.

On the one hand, I search for people who want an individual, all-embracing and fair consultation. On the other hand, I am always looking for people who are interested to become part of my project.

In some branches, like the finance branch, at first it is harder for women to get respected and recognised than for a men. But if you show good achievement and believe in your aims, you get both back twice, from customers and competitors.

Don't care about other opinions, just focus on your own goals. It's your life, not theirs.

Preferential per E-mail because I am a lot on the move and I can recall if I am in my office. miriam.baumann@dvag.de