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International Women's Connection

I am from New Delhi, India. Currently I live in Berlin.

IT & Computer Science

There are so many things I can think of right now. But I think I am most passionate about food. I am a complete foodie and being a vegetarian does not stop me from trying different cuisines. Also I am a globetrotter, I absolutely love travelling. 

I have co-founded a bespoke and couture boutique specialising in Indian traditional wear in New Delhi. It is called Peach Loft by Anjali. It is a joint venture with my sister and my mother.

Ever since I was in school I wanted to be a fashion designer, but future had other plans. I went on to do engineering in Computer Science and then Masters from France. Being in France kept reminding me of my passion towards fashion. I did an internship in a luxury branding consultancy which helped me to hone my knowledge of the industry. After moving to India  I was motivated to start something of my own and a conversation over tea with my sister turned into business plan for our future. We saw a potential gap in the sector in terms of price positioning and lack of bespoke fashion labels and hence decided to open a fashion label and tap this opportunity. Peach Loft by Anjali has its unique brand codes and identity. We three bring our own individual characteristics on the table, mine being my expertise in branding and digital marketing. And I would also like to add that Anjali is our mother's name.

Peach Loft by Anjali is a concept designer and bespoke boutique that brings an exclusive collection of latest designs and trends in couture clothing category. It caters to the premium segment of Indian-wear for women. Our attention to minute detailing helps us to create a grandeur ensemble of creative Indian couture.
We believe that any occasion can be made special when you feel special. Our exuberant passion for fashion and style aims to make you feel special. 
Peach Loft’s designs stand for opulence, richness and style evoking sensuality with a blend of modern and chic refined style.

Peach Loft offers haute couture & traditional craftsmanship of Bridal Ensembles and Prêt–à–porter.

Organically setting up a successful couture boutique has given me a 360 degree view of how a firm is managed and how every minute detail adds up to the company’s overall performance. There are many day-to-day challenges that one has to face especially during the initial period. Our main struggle was to find skilled couturier and seamstress due to the high demand and low availability of skilled labour. The challenge did not stop there, setting up an entire workshop and having zero knowledge of the suppliers and different pricing structures in the market used to keep us up at night. After making a few mistakes, buying material on a higher price and paying more to the outsourced embroider we got back on the track and in fact it gave us many valuable lessons.

We are expanding our business and have placed our merchandise at many multi-designer showrooms. We have done aggressive advertising through exhibitions and collaborations which has increased our brand awareness and clientele. Due to these reasons we feel a need for subordinate designer who can manage and look after the operational work and a business development/sales associate who can support in affiliate marketing efforts

It is the advice I read somewhere and I totally abide by it "The secret to being a successful woman in today's market is to walk to the beat of your own drum, listen to your intuition, and always follow through."

I am not so sure what to write here. Actually, my younger self, I cannot tell you anything. So try your best to figure out all the life's glory, happiness, heartbreaks, friendships, loss on your own as soon as you can. Learn from your mistakes, learn from other's mistakes. And live everyday so that someday you won’t have to wish you could tell your younger self anything.

E-Mail: mittalmallika(at)