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Niaria – Gesundheitsbewusstsein

I'm from Berlin and currently also live in Berlin.


Healthy food and giving people insights into what I've learned and experienced on my way from engineer to nutritionist is my passion. I'm so passionate about healthy nutrition, because it is so fundamental in our daily life, but yet I see a big lack of knowledge and consciousness in the population. Once you have started to take care of your body, you'll be able to take care of your spirit and soul – or even contributing to the improvement of your environment (or in another sequence, but it all comes along with each other).

I learned that it's not only money that makes you happy when I quit my first job in Mannheim and moved back to Berlin. After another three years as an engineer in another company, I felt that there was no passion for the things that I did every day. Instead, my passion grew in the field of nutrition and I saw that I can achieve an improvement in other people's life with my knowledge. I want to share what I have learned and help people finding their way into a healthier and happier life.

Beginning of this year 2017 I launched my business and now I offer nutrition workshops for companies in Berlin. For now, I have three basic workshops in German or English (sugar, fats, proteins). Next year, I will offer workshops about foods (wheat, milk, beverages). Cooking workshops for private persons are also planned since I combine culinary experiences of the Asian and Mediterranean cuisine.

The most difficult part was that my parents didn't understand my decision of giving up an allegedly save and esteemed job and taking the risk of an own business. Thus, there was no support in the beginning of my foundation but rather scepticism. In a period of uncertainty, you do not only need to believe in yourself, but it is also helpful to have family and friends who support you - no matter in which way. Now, they understand what I'm fighting for and support my project.

I need help in acquiring clients. I'm looking for small and medium enterprises in Berlin, which are conscious about that their employees are the most potential source of their business and that one should take care of their health.

Spend your time wisely. Don't stay stuck in your comfort zone when you feel that this is not the happy life that you want to live.

Don't stress out, relax more, everything happens for a reason, live the moment and trust the universe.

Linh Le | nutritionist