Jasmin Arbabian-Vogel

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Jasmin Arbabian-Vogel
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Hi Jasmin,

1. Where are you from? Where are you currently living?
I was born in Germany but raised in Iran. Since 1986 I have been living in Hanover, Germany now.

2. What is your professional background?
Healthcare, Social care

3. What are you most passionate about and why?
I am very passionate about people with migration background and their stories due to my personal experiences. Networking, politics and questions or social responsibility also make up great parts of my daily life.

4. Do you have any projects/business/organisation that you want to share with us?
Interkultureller Sozialdienst GmbH - http://www.iks-hannover.de/
ZAK - Zuhause alles klar - http://www.zuhause-alles-klar.de/
ZAK - Pflege - http://www.zak-pflege-hannover.de/
Verband deutscher Unternehmerinnen - http://www.vdu.de

5. Why did you decide to start this these organisations and businesses?
I founded my first company in 1996 when the care insurance was introduced in Germany and the company grew ever since. In recent years, I bought additional companies in a similar sector and it is a lot of fun developing those companies.
I also am the current chairwoman of the VdU (association of German female entrepreneurs in Lower-Saxony), because it is important to work on developing female businesses and their role in our society and economy further.

6. What was the most difficult or challenging thing to start with?
As many advantages as it offers to work with staff members from all over the world, it is very challenging at the same time, because you cannot simply work according to your own rules and etiquettes, you also have to work with and respect those of other cultures.

7. Where do you currently need support in the project?
I am always interested in and looking for like-minded people, willing to strengthen the role of women and/or people with any kind of "handicap", if you want to call it that. Over the years, I have learned that establishing a solid network, both professionally and privately, is enormously important.

8. Do you have an advice for other women?
Believe in yourself!

9. What would you tell your younger self?
Maybe to relax more often, take a step back and enjoy the moment.

How to get in contact
Jasmin Arbabian-Vogel | CEO & Founder
E-Mail: arbabian-vogel@iks-hannover.de
Website: http://www.interkulturellersozialdienst.de

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