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Bianca Gabbey
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I am a true and original Berliner 🙂

Marketing, Product, Communication, PR & Advertising

I love advertisment. I always did. When I was a kid I loved watching the adverts and nobody was allowed to change the channel. And I made my passion my profession. I became a professional copy writer, studied business communication and worked in marketing. Today I am self employed developing successfull business communication. I love finding the right argumentation and word to convine and enthuse people.
Besides my main business I started producing unique Berlin souvenirs and opened a little online shop.

I am simply not a good employee. I am proactive, speek my mind and I am working quickly. But these characteristics serve you well as a self employed. So I started my own business. And by enhancing my abilities I can constantly extend my offers and business oportunities.

My target group are people who run their own business and want to improve their visibility on the market.

I am a single mom and had to bring up a child and a business at the same time. Yet it gave me the freedom and flexibility to spend time with my child when it needed and wanted it.

I am inspired by networking with other women. I love the exchange and the support one can give another. I think it is a very special spirit getting linked up with other women being serious about their business.

Be, think and act like a woman - that's your strength in a mens world.

Trust yourself. You can do whatever you dream of!