Aleksandra Kornecka

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Aleksandra Kornecka
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Hi Aleksandra

1. Where are you from? Where are you currently living?
I'm from Poznań, Poland.

2. What is your professional background?
IT & Computer Science, Art and Design, Science , light athletics; qualitative research

3. What are you most passionate about and why?
Personally I'm passionate about software testing, cognitive science, art and light athletics if not more. Here I'd like to write about software testing - that's amazing way to make the world better and to help the people, because in pretty many things we daily use, there is some software behind. To assure that that software works correctly and have no bugs which could result in threatening effects, there is a tester for that. Programmers are great people who create the code, but they are also just people who can err. So the testers are the ones who help the programmers by co-creating better software. This way we can omit such a things like irritating app behaviour or even a catastrophe like airplane failure (there's also lot of software in airplanes, either!).

4. Do you have a project / business / organisation that you want to share with us?
Sure! The reason I had a pleasure to be invited to contact IW-Connection was exactly Girls Who Test:
That's a non profit group of software testing and quality assurance female professionals. The founders are women, but we organize events, discussion panels and workshops not only for women, but for all 🙂

5. Why did you decide to start Girls Who Test?
I recognize such a need in my nearest work environment - there were some girls who wanted to start career in software testing and there were some girls who wanted to share their knowledge and experiences in software testing. So I decided I'm not able to take care of all the people on my own - I invited other volunteers professionals to cooperate - that way we created Girls Who Test ... software. 🙂

6. Great! Please tell us more about your project.
Every girl from Girls Who Test works full-time in software house, IT department or on her own as software quality consultant - so it's all about sharing real commercial experiences that is not just 'knowledge from books'. Target group are the people (not only women) who have any interest in IT and/or software testing - we facilitate their "kick-off" into IT and software testing career.
We did the first great workshop in April 2016 in Poznań, Poland (50 people, beginners, 2-days workshops with presentations but also practical application walkthrough, writing test scenarios etc.), and since then we exist as a group. In the meantime we organized 3 discussion panels ("Testers Talks") for mid-advanced and advanced, we also launch workshops in Warsaw. We share our mindset, knowledge and experiences also as speakers in local and country-wide meetups.
Basically we are open to grow the awareness about software testing, to strengthen the testers community and to support people (especially but not exculsively women) in their start-up in IT career.

7. What was the most difficult or challenging thing to start with?
Not every of us have event organisation experiences so that was the main obstacle to go through. Also when organizing the workshop it is sometimes hard to find sponsors who help with costs like place or catering . Most often we manage to avoid the costs, we base on our personal contacts in the city or in the industry.

8. Where do you currently need support?
We are always looking for support, promotion, advises from other nice people around 🙂 Currently we prepare to workshops so we definitely will need some contacts.

9. Do you have an advice for other women?
Sure! My advice for other women: before you think something is not possible for you, let's test that hypothesis 🙂

10. What would you tell your younger self?
Do not think you are not ready to launch your ideas - be "crazy enough' to test them, to act, to work.

11. How can interested people contact you?
Feel free to write on email address: or message to Facebook fanpage:

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Aleksandra Kornecka | Founder

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