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I am a purchaser in a small company in Germany, not far away from Cologne. Over the winter, I decided to do a professional training in Purchasing and Logistics. We were a group of nine students and I loved going back to school. One of the teachers was the head of the Purchasing Department of a major German company. He was around 50

  1.  In 1903, Mary Anderson was the first person granted a patent for the windshield wiper. It became standard equipment on cars by 1916. [Famous Women Inventors, 2008]
  2. Women have also invented things such as industrial lathes, white out, bras, non-reflective glass, the dishwasher, disposable diapers, petroleum refining methods, car heaters, fire

Facts Don’t Lie #1

Today we are presenting our first part of facts and figures on women in the workplace.