Melanie Grosser

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Local Director

My name is Mel, I'm leading and managing the International Women's Connection in Munich.

I'm from Nuremberg but currently living and working in Munich as CEO and Founder of Grosser Fashion Business GmbH and the Label GREIGHT. I hold a master's degree in Tailoring and Dressmaking, a Diploma in Fashion Design, a Diploma in Pattern Making, and a MBA in Fashion Business from Paris. Before I launched my own business I worked as a lecturer at the ESMOD - Munich, as a Technical Manager and Production Manager for Marc O' Polo and OSKA and as a designer for s. Oliver and Comma. 

My aim is to help building a female network, where women support each other, not working against each other as so many still do. As strange as it sounds, my role model are male business networks—as men know how to network. I speak a lot with male founders about network connections—how they built them, how they work, how they support each other. 

I analyse this „studies“ and try to adapt it to my business. Additionally, I want to support women to realize their own immense value,
they often don't see themselves. I want them to learn how to negotiate their salaries and fight for equal paying.

This is why I'm leading the International Women's network in Munich and also founded the label Grosser Mindset (one of four brands under the umbrella brand Grosser Fashion Business GmbH), where I show women how to negotiate—as this is something you can learn—and because it is a mandatory skill you need to survive in business. As well I show them how to assert oneself and how important body language is within business operations.

Women have so much to give, so many experiences to share—let's get started!