Be a Photography Agent

A picture is worth a thousand words …


We believe that not only words but pictures can also influence the way we see and change the world. 

In the current century, photographs and images such as in advertising, media content or product design are still portraying the stereotypical roles of men and women or boy and girl.

The bold image of a male leader in suits or a woman lying half-naked on a car is not only a sexist representation but at the same time, does not present the current reality. We want to see and show people an authentic and unbiased picture of the world’s society. That is why you should play a central role in this process. 

We are looking for

  • pictures and illustrations showing women in the 21st century from all nations, in different situations and business environment. 
  • pictures and illustrations of women in the 21st century that challenge stereotypical gender roles.


If you have a picture that exactly fits this criteria, than please share it with us: 

You don’t need to be a professional photographer, we prefer authenticity! 

All pictures will be listed in the gallery section on the website protected with your name and initials.


Help us to change the perception and cliché of gender and stereotypes now!